Manager is a magic!


This is a very ambitious title that few of us spontaneously mention when it comes to qualifying management. It was a speech by a magician speaker at my co-op’s General Assembly last week that made me think about matching the two terms.

However, we could say to ourselves a priori that managing is rather and first of all binding, it is to manage all the problems of everyone, to take the tractor from the customers when they are not satisfied, to have a demanding hierarchy on the back, In short, management sometimes comes from the bottom of the hold than from France has an incredible talent…

However, I have retained from Laurent Jupin’s speech, beyond a discourse based on optimism and positivism, two ideas that can be applied in the management of our teams :

1-   Gather the nuggets and communicate them

The “magical” manager must take with him every day nuggets – moments of his day, periods of professional life, meetings, daily successes, positive sharing with his teams which bring success and gratitude to his troops.

Enough of managers reporting only what is wrong when 90% or 95% of goals are met. Enough of these never-happy complainers who do not see the efforts of their troops, and do not know how to thank their «employees partners». Enough of these little leaders who don’t communicate when things are going well and don’t usually see the regular successes that become commonplace.

Since that conference, on the advice of the speaker, I have created in my mailbox a «nuggets folder» where I store all the messages of success and where I note all the victories obtained by the members of the team. Two minutes a day, a few hours of energy!! To come down regularly in communication of course not to be in complacency. There’s no harm in doing good together!

2 - "When are you going to put sequins in my life" professional chef ?

In the management trainings I have the opportunity to lead, I always tell the participants that if they have to remember only one thing from the internship, it is a simple phrase: “Manager is making it successful ”. This posture requires a great deal of effort, including positioning yourself as a coach of each member of your team to improve the professional performance of each member.

And it must be said that employees today expect this from us, managers. Let us put them in the best conditions to succeed, let us share with them the way forward and progress. Let them enjoy what they do and not just come to work. And so, as Inès Reg says so well, let us put glitter in their lives!

Once a week, just ask yourself how you can help each person on your team succeed this week. So share once or twice a year with everyone what you really feel about their abilities and the progress they have to make to perform better in their role. And talk together! Ask them how we can work together to succeed together!

And even if the term is strong, when a person grows professionally thanks to the time you have devoted to him, one can say that the magic works in management.

The agricultural world is changing, let’s change it with optimism and benevolence in the management of our teams.  


Olivier Claux 

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