Coaching is a non-directed approach that aims to improve the coachee’s behaviour and attitude.

It is a way of increasing the participant’s sense of observation and responsibility, an empowering process based on the idea that everyone carries within them the skills required for their own personal success and development.

The coaching programme is based around the key principles of communication, management and organisation, and mainly covers:

  • active listening

  • quantitative and qualitative goals

  • time management

  • constructive criticism

  • managing and resolving problems

  • acknowledging merit

  • decision-making

  • delegating

  • creating dashboards

Objectifs de la formation

Enable the participant to give meaning to their actions and understand the impact of their contributions

Optimise listening and interpersonal communication skills

Encourage initiative-taking

Develop self-confidence and confidence in others

Encourage individual responsibility

Who is it designed for?

Anyone who wants to develop their skills through operational training based on real workplace situations.

How long does it last?

The length of the programme is tailored to the individual and depends on the nature of the coaching goals. 
On average 1 day per month over a period of 4 to 6 months.

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