This training module is designed for operations managers who have developed their management skills “on the job”.

Through the discovery of key management principles, the idea is to raise awareness of all areas of the manager's role and take on board a crucial concept: leadership is about helping other people succeed.

The manager’s role, managing a team, employee development, etc. these essential issues are explored using individual and collective role-play exercises.

Objectifs de la formation

Develop skills and empower middle management.

Move from an operations manager “doer” approach to a "team coach" approach, to motivate teams and manage operations, give meaning to action and ensure employee development.

Travailler sur le pilotage et les indicateurs de suivi de sa propre activité.

Who is it designed for?

All managers

How long does it last?

14 hours over 2 consecutive days on site + 1 optional revision day 4 to 5 months later.

Groups are limited to 6 to 8 participants to ensure everyone’s participation.

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