Do not neglect management!

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When a company appoints an employee to a managerial position, it tends to look for the best business expert, without necessarily doing a transposition job in management. In the face of the technological, economic and organizational changes that businesses in the agricultural sector are undergoing, technical skills alone are no longer enough. To be successful, managers of agricultural companies must develop soft skills (behavioural skills) and be accompanied in the management and coaching of their team.


The keys to remote management of your teams/ By Olivier Claux

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Olivier Claux, Chief Executive Officer of MG Consultants and DRH for 12 years, gives us the keys to succeed in your remote management. So, whether you are new to remote management or have already practiced it, these 9 points will help you on a daily basis, follow the guide.

Apart from the health context that we know, and which sometimes requires to put all employees in home office, when you can:

1- Carefully choose the people to telework. Indeed, not all employees are adapted to this mode of work, for many reasons.


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Demystify commercial relationships and integrate the idea that selling a service is simply another way of providing a service to the customer.


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Enable the individual to make sense of their actions using a non-direct approach that encourages initiative and self-confidence.