What is skills assessment?

Skills assessment is the analysis and assessment of your professional and soft skills, as well as your aptitudes and motivations.

You can use this assessment of your skills to develop a realistic career plan that is fully adapted to the job market and, where necessary, identify continuous or additional training programmes. The skills assessment consultant supports you on your journey by framing the process and helping you take a step back and gain perspective on yourself, your career, your personality, etc. Their goal is to help you nurture the seed of your potential!

What are the benefits?

Skills assessment can be requested by an employee, a manager, or a human resources department.

Skills assessments can be used in various situations:

  • to modify or change career direction
  • to embark on training to gain a new qualification,
  • for internal or external development,
  • to validate experience acquired in France,
  • to regain a sense of career after an illness or burnout,
  • a line manager’s desire to raise an employee’s awareness of their skills,


How does it work?

Before embarking on the skills assessment programme, you will meet with one or more of our skills assessment consultants to select the person with whom you feel the most comfortable sharing personal or intimate information.

Once you have chosen the right person, the skills assessment programme is 14 hours long, with 7 x 2-hour sessions, organised into 4 phases:


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During the skills assessment exercise, you will be asked to work on themes on your own, to expand certain elements and enable better progression towards your professional development goal (field research, life path, genealogy chart, personality tests, etc.).

At the end of the skills assessment exercise you will have a better understanding of yourself, know what you want and what you are capable of, and above all you will leave with a clear professional development plan with realistic steps to take action and achieve your goals!





Objectifs de la formation

Provide employees with new development perspectives, change professions, regain confidence in yourself and in your skills. The focus is on personal support and well-being.

Who is it designed for?

All employees, managers

How long does it last?

7 x 2-hour one-on-one meetings

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