Do not neglect management!


When a company appoints an employee to a managerial position, it tends to look for the best business expert, without necessarily doing a transposition job in management. In the face of the technological, economic and organizational changes that businesses in the agricultural sector are undergoing, technical skills alone are no longer enough. To be successful, managers of agricultural companies must develop soft skills (behavioural skills) and be accompanied in the management and coaching of their team.


Ne négligez pas le management - MG CONSULTANTS


Today, agricultural businesses are increasingly mobilizing around recruitment, especially for executives and in new jobs. It’s about finding the best talent, and attracting and seducing them. Very quickly, these start-ups aspire to evolve or are propelled to positions of activity managers as silo manager or sector manager to meet a need of the company.

Agricultural and agri-food cooperatives are continuing their merger and merger movements, which are resulting in the reshaping of positions, missions and remote management of teams in France and abroad. In this new configuration, the executives will have to absorb this new cruise regime first. Often, they have excellent expertise in their profession but have not been trained in leadership, business management, team leadership or the management of the performance of their employees.

What are the key principles to follow when becoming a manager?

In the context of transformations, agricultural organizations must first rethink their organization and the scope of positions and responsibilities. Then it’s a good idea to identify the right people who have the potential to become managers and to help them take on this responsibility to make their team successful. Why is the manager’s mission important?


3 Takeaways :

#Build your project

It all starts with a good diagnosis and situational analysis, analyzing the company context, assessing the company’s need and what your team expects. Once the perimeter is defined, set a consistent and attainable course and build your roadmap to achieve these objectives. The manager does not rely solely on a posture, but on the vision and meaning he gives to his project.  

In the context of the changes that cooperatives are currently experiencing, the term “situational management” has been introduced, which aims to position managers capable of setting up the new organisation in the light of the new economic environment, commercial, social.

#Driving and making sense

With the transformation of agricultural organizations, the missions have become more dense and the work more complex. In this context, the manager must manage and federate his team in the image of a conductor who sets the tone, rhythm and framework to achieve his objectives and seek performance. To achieve this, it is necessary to take stock of the strengths of the team members, their difficulties and their constraints, to make them progress together and move towards greater autonomy.  

#Grow men

The role of the manager is to analyze the individual performance of the members of his team to make them progress towards more autonomy and higher levels. To be successful, they must be accompanied or coached. It means having the right tools to manage their teams through assessment interviews, performance indicators etc. and to retain their employees.  

Anticipate! In the future, the main challenge for tomorrow’s managers will be to take into account the expectations of future generations within the company, who are looking for more communication and dialogue around their missions. They are less and less followers of your hierarchical companies, they want to learn new skills related to digital and artificial intelligence. Today’s youth need training, they are looking for a coach who will be able to accompany them and make them progress!

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