The personal data of visitors collected on the Website is intended for the services of MG CONSULTANTS responsible for dealing with user requests.

Confidentialité des informations

MG CONSULTANTS undertakes to respect the confidential nature of all personal data provided by visitors to the Website. The purpose of the present notice is to inform users of the type of information that may be collected when visiting the Website, as well as the manner to which this data may be used at a later date.

Automatic data collection and storage

Information on the Website is updated on a regular basis for the benefit of users. When a visitor uses the Website, certain data is collected automatically:

•  the user's IP address, allocated to the user's computer by their Internet service provider to enable Internet access;

• the address of the Internet site from which the user is directly connected to the Website;

• the date and time of visit to the Website and the pages consulted;

• the user's computer operating system and browser software;

• “Cookies” are used to determine how users access web pages, the time of access and the number. This technology does not collect any personal data. Information is obtained globally. The purpose of this technology and data is to help improve websites. The Website does not use persistent cookies that stay on the user's hard drive.

The user has a right to access, to modify, to rectify and to suppress any personal data in accordance with the provisions of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978.

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