MG Consultants Référence - scara

La Scara, an agricultural cooperative based in eastern France, regularly engages the agency to carry out assessments, either for candidates about to be hired or for employees who are about to move up to management roles.


MG Consultants responded with a process that involved gaining a deeper understanding of the company’s culture and challenges, determining the professional and soft skills required to carry out the target job and the cooperative’s corporate values. To successfully complete this assignment, the agency built up a strong relationship with the cooperative to ensure the highest level of responsiveness in terms of interviews and reporting.


MG provided support in stages:

1. Definition of recruitment requirements. This is the crucial first stage which determines the success of all the others. It involved gaining a deeper understanding of the cooperative’s history, its business plan and the position to be filled. A telephone conversation with the CEO, the HR manager and/or line manager helped to fill out the ideal profile.


La Scara hired the candidate and was immediately satisfied with the outcome of the process. This process also enabled us to clearly define the candidate’s profile and set up a training/coaching plan to meet the demands of the position.