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Whether you are an agricultural, wine-growing or wholesale cooperative, a professional organisation, an emerging start-up, etc., the growth of your business can sometimes involve changes in the scope of positions and roles, as well as the remote management of teams in France or increasingly in other countries. MG Consultants can provide support with developing skills, business management and coaching for your management teams and executives.

Are you looking to develop your organisation and improve performance? We can help support your change management by carrying out an audit of your organisation, to help you improve your company’s structure, your existing processes and support your teams.

Audit / organisation 

MG can provide support at every stage of your business development. Whether this involves anticipating the future with a business development project, rethinking the organisation of a particular department or supporting a merger, our agency’s expertise and knowledge of agricultural organisations can help you meet the challenges. 


Every person is different. Offering coaching programmes to employees who need to tackle new responsibilities or who are experiencing difficulties, is the most personalised response there is. This type of support, based on target objectives, involves regular meetings and specific action plans that can be applied immediately.

Skills assessment 

A certified skills assessment organisation, MG Consultants enables you or your employees to take stock, gain perspective and develop a career plan. The personal development materials and tests used will enable you to convert ideas into a realistic plan of action.



Today, companies in the agriculture sector are increasingly focused on finding the best high-potential people. Young recruits soon want to develop their careers or are promoted to management roles like Silo Manager or Head of Sector, to meet the needs of the company. Sometimes technical skills alone are not enough to carry out this role. To be effective, these new managers also need to develop their soft skills.

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Why choose MG Consultants ?
MG CONSULTANTS - Une réseau d’excellence dans le monde agricole

An outstanding network

25 years’ experience is not just a number. It represents solid relations. Trust built up over a long period of time. And a perfect understanding of our clients’ needs.

MG Consultants - Un sens du terrain et du territoire

Solid grasp of the terrain and territory

The agriculture industry requires specific expertise. It represents unique challenges and new expectations stimulated by global competition and the consumer. To navigate the agriculture and wine sectors, you need a team that is 100% specialised.

MG Consultants - Disponibilité, adaptabilité et réactivité !

Available, flexible and responsive!

Your company’s challenges require effective HR solutions and responses that are tailored to your sector. This is something we understand! Our tools mean we can provide support based on an organisation geared to the agriculture and wine sectors and your company’s specific constraints.

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